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Fishing Tip:
Your guide will give directions like “Permit at nine o’clock, 50 feet, moving left to right.” Don’t cast until you see the fish.
Point with your rod and let your guide direct you so you can focus in on the exact spot for casting.

Your Guide Is the Key to Success

He is your teacher, your advisor, your cheering squad

You’ll have your own personal guide who will get out of the boat and stand right next to you while you fish the flats. He’ll tell you where to cast, when to strip the line, the exact moment to set the hook and how to fight your fish.

When you’re fishing from the boat, his eagle eyes will pick up those near-transparent fish before you can focus on the bottom. He knows the deep holes that tarpon love, and where the tidal currents bring in nutrients that lead to a feeding frenzy.

Our guides are locals. They live in Punta Allen, know these waters well, and have a minimum of 15 years of guiding experience. Most are the proud descendants of the Mayans who have lived here for thousands of years, and they speak good English. Typically you’ll get the same guide throughout your stay who will get to know your skill level and interests.

Even if you’re an experienced saltwater fly fisherman, you’ll have the best success if you follow your guide’s advice – he knows these waters and these fish. If your skills are rusty, your guide will give tips on how to improve fly presentations or lure casting accuracy, and take you to the easiest spots first for practice. If you’re a fisherman but not familiar with saltwater flats fishing, your guide will provide all the pointers you need for smiles and success.