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Ascension Bay Fish Are Your Prime Objective

Permit, bonefish, tarpon, snook, sports fish, barracuda and more…

Ascension Bay is world-renowned for its seemingly endless saltwater flats. Fishermen come here primarily seeking the challenge of the elusive permit and bonefish, plus the chance to nail a Grand Slam.

You get great value out of a day of fishing here with so many opportunities to present flies and lures. You’ll have epic fights against flashes of silver. It’s a diverse fishery for experts and beginners alike.

There are crystal clear flats with one to two feet of water that a lot of smaller bonefish call home, plus three- to four-foot-deep flats where bigger bonefish and permit roam. There are also restricted channels for longer fights since the fish can’t run and tire out, deep holes for lurking monsters, protected areas when the wind kicks up, and a 70-mile reef for migrating game fish.

There are plenty of fish in these waters and we’ll give you the opportunity and the insider knowledge to catch them.

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