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“The guides were extremely knowledgeable about the local Waters and I felt confident everyday that we would find fish! And that’s exactly what we did.”

Add Snook For A Super Slam, Other Fish for Variety

There are plenty of fish species that will put your angling skills to the test in the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve.

Snook are a prime objective, since adding it to a Grand Slam makes an ultimate Super Slam. In summer they prefer open water or deep mangroves; in winter they love the warm, dark waters of the canals, hiding under trees and obstacles. They naturally eat fish and crustaceans; at times they are very aggressive. Once hooked, snook fight hard so you have to keep them away from obstacles and be prepared for crazy jumps.

A barracuda produces the most intense strike on the flats, and leaps a lot in its struggle to get rid of the fly. You’ll need a spool of 40-lb. nylon-covered steel braided wire for a strong leader to withstand the sharp teeth.

Lots of other fish feed on the marine life in the bay: sharks, groupers, snappers, jacks and so much more. Add in the reef and sports fish and you’ll have to extend your vacation!

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