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Plentiful Bonefish Put Up A Fight

Bonefish are among the strongest fighting fish in the world pound-for-pound, giving fishermen a major adrenalin rush and a feeling of satisfaction when they get them in. They’re plentiful in Ascension Bay.

The bonefish in Ascension Bay are typically 2 to 4 lbs., ample size to put up a tough fight, often changing speed and direction. 

But the bonefish make for size with volume – the schools are large, sometimes up to 100 fish. You’ll have lots of opportunity to cast to these wary adversaries, match endurance and snap photos. These grey ghosts are fast swimmers, but guides look for tailing activity while the fish are foraging for food for best success.

There are large bonefish in the 5- to 8-lb. range, sometimes found in small schools in flats over three feet deep. Just tell your guide if you want to test your skills against them versus big schools of smaller bonefish.

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