Fishing Tip:
Practice casting daily for the week leading up to your trip to build up arm strength, endurance and accuracy.

Gather Up Your Gear and Go

Come prepared for productive fishing and enjoyable relaxation time!

Absolutely required for fishing:
• Hat with wide brim for sun protection all around and a dark color on the underside of the brim for best water visibility; a neck protector if wearing a baseball-style cap
• High-tech sunglasses with dark amber/brown polarized lenses, side shields recommended
• Sunscreen lotion with maximum protection SPF 30+, waterproof, greaseless.
• Lip sun protection, SPF 30+

Clothes for fishing:
• Lightweight, breathable, long sleeved shirts in neutral colors; those with vents, a collar and made of technical fabrics that block the sun’s UV rays are best
• Long pants in neutral colors, made of lightweight, fast-drying fabric, or wading pants
Water sandals or non-slip boat shoes for the boat
Lightweight, waterproof rain jacket and possibly waterproof pants for boat spray or showers

Footwear for fishing:
Light neoprene wading boots over the ankle with rubber sole designed for a sandy bottom. Tight fitting so your feet do not pull out underwater. You can insert athletic insoles for more arch support. Dive boots are also comfortable. Waders are too hot.

Optional items for fishing:
• Floating sunglass leash
• Spare pair of sunglasses
• Reel covers
• Extra rod tips
• Clippers
• Hemostats/pliers
Hook sharpener/file
Line conditioner/dressing
Tape measure
Hand scale
Wading bag/fanny pack
Fly/lure box
Waterproof boat/dry bag
Insect repellent with DEET
Ziplock bags
Adhesive tape
Bandana to soak for cooling off
Terrycloth wristbands like for tennis to dry your face while fishing
Small first aid kit
Dressings/Band-Aids for casting blisters
Reel maintenance kit with lubricant
Knot book
Nail knot tool
Small notebook and pen
Seasick pills for off-shore fishing
Sunglass cleaning cloth
Water camera

Other items for travel:
• Airline tickets
• Passport
• Prescription drugs
• Cash, credit cards
• After-sun aloe lotion
• Small flashlight

Dress at the lodge:
Casual all the time; we recommend lightweight cotton clothing in light colors. In the restaurant, please wear sandals/shoes, and shirts or T-shirts with sleeves for the men. Light jacket or fleece for evenings, which can get cool December through April. Remember, you can take advantage of the laundry service.

Fishing gear and accessories lists:

Fly-fishing equipment recommendation list