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Fishing Tip:
Practice casting daily for the week leading up to your trip to build up arm strength, endurance and accuracy.

This Secluded Lodge is a Fishing Haven

Located on a narrow peninsula between the Caribbean and the lagoon flats

GrandSlam Fishing Lodge is remote enough to provide an away-from-it-all feel in a fisherman’s paradise, yet it is not rustic or uncivilized. You’ll still have the pampered luxuries you’d expect at any first-class resort…with trophy-sized permit as a bonus.

You won’t have to take another flight from Cancun or a rough boat trip to get to the lodge. It’s located on a narrow peninsula extending south of Tulum, near the fishing village of Punta Allen with 300 inhabitants. This peninsula protects the northeast end of Ascension Bay.

This small-scale lodge hosts a maximum of 24 guests in 12 private villa rooms right on the beach with gorgeous sea views. No other lodges or hotels are within sight. The palm tree-studded property backs up to the lagoon where the dock provides quick boat access to the Ascension Bay flats. You’re in productive fishing waters in mere minutes.

See a close-up of the peninsula and Ascension Bay